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Ladywood EP Launch (The second breakfast)

Why do things once when you can do them twice? (does not apply to all things…) Following an intimate little EP launch last month – local soul-ers, Ladywood, are doing it again and this time inviting their friends to play.

Much like second-breakfasts, second launches are a rare delicacy… tasty morsels that should be consumed from time to time, adding a little naughtiness to your weekend. They’re especially fun when you get to share them with some of your old and new favourites including:

Odette Mercy Trio
Imagine if Odette Mercy and her Soul Atomics were all ingredients of your favourite meal... and you could simmer and reduce them for maximum flavour potency? That is the Odette Mercy Trio experience.

Button Ups
Live mash-up love child of Fdel, Dazastah and featuring the fastest lips in the West, Macshane.
Finger Licking Good.

Kissinger Kruz
Kissinger Kruz is the alliance between hip hop/ footwork producer, "Henry Kissinger" and the boss dog rapper, "Cruz Patterson"

**$10 doorsales from 8pm**