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EP Launch // Turtle Bay Televsion // Rest Well In Your Shell


We are very excited to announce the release of our debut EP, Rest Well In Your Shell. To celeberate, we are going to host a launch party! We will also be joined by some very lovely guests!

First up, we have the indisputably incredible, incredibly idiosynchratic, Segue Safari and their higly astute and involved dream-pop/pop-rock/rock-1-2-3-4-from-the-top sounds

Next up we have the heavy hook, heavy rock, heavy heart, driving, percussive, destructive sounds of ABACAXUVA, who will take you on a visceral, noisey, calamatous ride and leave you stunned by how much noise 3 people can make.

Finally we have the heavenly Web Rumours (Em Burrows) who will grace us with their new collection of soaringly sublime pop masterpieces, including their latest single, 'Expectations'. This band is a powerhouse of musical talent and left us blown away upon witnessing their recent debut performance.

CDs and Hand Printed Shirts will be available on the night

Tickets $5
Doors 8pm