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Barefaced Stories 27 Feb | Stitched Up

February’s Barefaced is for the scapegoats, schmucks and patsies: a chance for the righteous to clear their reputations by fingering the f#$%ers who stitched them up.

We’re working on the premise that if you’re alive, you’ve probably been stitched up. Siblings start stitching us up the minute we’re born, there’s a rat in every family, a snitch in every office, a stool pigeon on every work-site.

Betrayals big and small, dirty and deserved, a big, sloppy Judas Kiss from Barefaced this month.

Line up:
Lisa Collyer
Ron Bradfield
Don Smith
Krystal Hartig
Stephanie Yoong
Erica Freeman

Special Guest MC: Sarah Jane Erickson

Tuesday 27 February.
Doors at 7pm, Show at 8pm.
$15 at the door.