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Jaala | Tour

Jaala (VIC) w/ Rabbit Island & Doctopus

Info & tickets: bit.ly/jaalatour

This winter, Melbourne trio Jaala hit the road in support of their sophomore album ‘Joonya Spirit’ out now through Bedroom Suck / Remote Control Records.

After touring last year with enigmatic soul vocalist Nai Palm, the Jaala band are back and ready to lift the roof off venues with their signature jazz-prog-soul sound. Led by the incredible voice of guitarist & vocalist Cosima Pay, the songs range from gentle, subdued lullabies into a deluge of psychedelic rock madness, all with an incredible flair of eccentric soul sensibilities. New band members Maria Moles and Carolyn Schofield complete this magical trinity, weaving tapestries of rhythm in and out of Cosima’s storytelling.

Don’t miss your chance to catch the Jaala band launching their new LP around Australia in 2018.