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RTRFM Radiothon Closing Party 2018

RTRFM’s yearly Radiothon Party is splitting up and letting you choose your own adventure with two huge parties over two weekends.

If guitars aren’t you’re thing, then hang out with us at two of Perth’s finest small bars for an intimate Radiothon closing party at The Bird and Ezra Pound, on Saturday August 18th.

At The Bird you can catch the live electronic sets and deep vibes from Elsewhere/Rebecca, Bahasa Malay, Jamilla and Guy Contact alongside DJ Darcy Love (Bass Check).

And down the ally way to Ezra Pound we dance the night away with some of Perth’s DJ heavy weights.

From 5pm (for free!) catch Jonny ‘Fandango’ Hopper (El Ritmo) before Claude Mono and Diger Rokwell from El Ritmo take over the reins.

From 7pm the party starts as DJ Girlname & Benj Ramsey (Out To Lunch) kick things off. Intern Hoopup, Jack Dutrac and Allstate (Full Frequency - RTRFM 92.1) will bring things home, closing out Radiothon 2018.

For tickets and further info on Radiothon 2018 and the Radiothon Party, head to rtrfm.com.au.

Radiothon Closing Party 2018
Saturday August 18, 7pm, ‘til late
All State (Full Frequency - RTRFM 92.1)
Bahasa Malay NORA
DJ Darcy Love
El Ritmo DJs
Girlname & Benj Ramsey (Out To Lunch)
Guy Contact (live)
Intern Hookup
Jack Dutrac
Jamilla (live)
Jonny ‘Fandango’ Hopper (El Ritmo)