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Mon-Sat:11:30am - 12am

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Crab Claw pres. JOYS, Grace Armstrong, Nika Mo, Honestly

"Despite their tank-like appearance, crabs are actually sensitive and emotive animals. They communicate by drumming or waving their pincers."

Crab Claw presents an evening of sonic communication with a selection of exceptional local singers, songwriters and bands.

JOYS / Grace Armstrong / Nika Mo / Honestly

antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated in any form - good vibes only. if you feel uncomfortable in any situation, please don't hesitate to talk an artist, bird staff, promoter or friend. if you play any roll in any antisocial or untoward behaviour you will be forced to leave.

we’d like to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land which this party is taking place on, the whadjuk people of the noongar nation. sovereignty has never been ceded.