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Didion's Bible / / EP Launch

could it be
is this possible
welcome to the pleasuredome

what is this:
Didion's Bible (the band) play a show with the intent (which autocorrects to 'intensity' for all intents and purposes* you could consider a synonym) of celebrating previously foreshadowed EP (produced by J. Segal, thanks friend)

*possibly misused cliche

did we also mention with the assistance of:
Big Cry (holy smokes)
Honestly (hooray)
Limerence (no facebook as of yet but still keen)
MYSTERY DJ's (tba, my dad is checking his availability and will get back to me)
pool table around the side

* Custom tailor cassettes (edition of 19) with individual randomized artwork for each available on the night via pay what you want system. you can ask us while we play and we can shoot one at you via the DIDION'S MERCHANDISE STEAM POWERED DELIVERY CANNON 2000 off stage through several flaming hoops and water tanks filled with electric eels and great white sharks.

* NBA JAM afterparty / BBBQ at the Cove Holiday Retreat. Address will be written on Laurent's guitar on the night.

* we love a rowdy time but rowdy does not = violence or being a creep (DB is a band that does not wish to incite violence) by any means so please be friendly to each other on the night please thank you.

anything I am missed I am sure Laurent can remedy