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Zerodent "Landscapes of Merriment" album launch

Zerodent have new album "Landscapes of Merriment" out now on Alien Snatch! Records in Germany.

Perth launch is on Friday 26 October at the Bird, with Rineharts and Hussy, plus DJs.

New album blurb:
Apocalyptic reign of bash´n´pop! Second album by this Perth, OZ outfit after their self-titled debut on ALIEN SNATCH! in 2016. In the meantime, they had a US-Tour with appearances at GONER FEST 13 and a Live at WFMU-set and a follow-up 7" on ALMOST READY.
On "Landscapes of Merriment" you get loads of mid-tempo-crushers, solid as rock Australian punk. Typical ZERODENT is WARSAW-WIRE-sque dystopia piercing blue-collar British punk simplification. This is cliché-free, skipping phases of adolescence minimalistic songwriting. We´re more than proud to present this album from a living band and not from "lost recordings" or a reissue from ´76 and kick-off an European Tour in 2019.
Songs to climb walls, rip fences and bullwhip the agendas. Check the deadly serious video of "Stay In" on your devices! 250 copies black vinyl, 50 on concrete-grey vinyl for mail order only.

Skate through Landscapes of Merriment and inhale the dust