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Fourth State 'Sink Or Swim' Single Launch

We are releasing our debut single and the first song we wrote together 'Sink Or Swim'... come celebrate with us!

Its been a really fufilling year working on this project and we are so glad to release a track before the end of 2018.

Come support us for a midweek party at The Bird with $5 beers and courtyard hangs after the show.

Music will kick off at 8pm with sets from Kopano and Mayhills then DJ Forrest Chase will be taking out the night! 👐

(We will be releasing Sink Or swim in the next week so you can sing along....☺️)


<<About us>>
Vocalist Leah Miche and producer Edoardo Moriconi teamed up in January 2018 after a chance encounter on the Perth Ableton Facebook user group and have effortlessly produced an albums worth of tracks to date.

Singer/songwriter Leah Miche (The Regular Hunters, Miche Suite) was on a performing hiatus to write and record her solo works using Ableton. Reaching out to Edoardo for mixing services, fate would have it he was looking for a vocalist and Leah was itching to perform again.

Sink Or Swim is the first track they co wrote together and its beauty is evident with the just the right amount of tension and flow.
‘”Are you going to Sink or Swim’” references the ups and downs of life and is a reminder to keep growing, improving, moving forward and not to silence your dreams.