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Perth International Jazz Festival Ft. Fat Sparrow + Riffz2000

Continue the Perth International Jazz Festival fun over to our new venue partners, The Bird!

Double Bill | Riffz2000 & Fat Sparrow at the The Bird.

Riffz2000 | 8pm - 9pm
Live instant remixes of classic tunes!
Jazz improv meets the actual sounds of Tone Loc, The Police, Grandmaster Flash, Cameo, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Nirvana, MC Hammer, Kylie, INXS.
Instant organic remixes in front of your very eyes and ears, an improvising beat making rhythm section playing along and reacting to ripped samples from the library of our collective musical consciousness.

Riffz2 play a mash up of riffs from the ages. Every Riff ever could be in play. Pop, Soul, R and B all mashed up with live crossfades and a bunch of stuff made up on the spot.
Part beats/part memory jogger - all head nodding.
Featuring: Harry Winton - Guitar, Riffz/s, Harry Mitchell - Keyboard, Riffz/s, Ben Vanderwal - Drum set, Beats, Samples


Fat Sparrow | 10pm - 11pm
at Sparrow this year release their third album, which was recorded at RtR's Courtyard club late 2017. The album is the first live recording available for the band and they launch at PIJF after a small hiatus. Fat Sparrow build sonic landscapes layered with passages of explosive rock and improvisation.

The group formed while on tour at the 2013 Wangaratta Jazz Festival, playing their first gig at Melbourne’s Bar 303. Since then Fat Sparrow have been hard at work writing completely original material in preparation for the Perth International Jazz Festival 2018 release.
Featuring: Ricki Malet - Trumpet/Effects, Luke Minness - Tenor Saxophone/Effects, Harry Winton - Guitar, Karl Florisson - Electric Bass, Gregory Brenton - Drums